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Friends of EnduRight
Peachtree Bikes - Atlanta's premier bike shop. Mike and the rest of his crew deliver their expertise with an inviting, friendly customer-centric attitude. Visit them in-person, on the phone or over the web!
Zoot Sports - The finest apparel and gear made by triathletes for triathletes
GU Sports - The original gel, nutrition and hydration specialists
blueseventy - The fastest swimming gear for triathletes. Period.
Greg Krause - Professional triathlete, great friend, better human being
Linda Gallo - Professional triathlete, Notre Dame teammate, get out of her way in the water!
Formwell Personal Fitness - Atlanta's finest personal fitness studio and great friends. Thanks Rami and Chris!
Clyde Ranney Massage Therapy - Atlanta's most attentive, need-specific massage therapist
Haley Scott DeMaria - I had the fortune of witnessing Haley's first swim back from the accident my freshman year at ND. Her exceptional story is truly amazing and should be shared

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